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STILL STICKY, out now!

The new album is out! You can stream it here on Spotify. Here's the record label hype...

A Hammond B-3 organ. A Fender Rhodes. A vibraphone. A flute. A piano. A ton of drums. And beats. And beats. And more beats.

That's what defines Still Sticky, the latest from bassist/producer Alan Goldsher, which will be available April 10, 2020 via all major digital music platforms. But unlike Goldsher's four previous Gold Note Records projects, this one features a band.

Sort of.

"My other albums were sound collages," Alan explains, "but here, I opted for sonic unity. Each tune features a vibraphonist, an organist, a bassist, and a drummer, with a flute and a piano making cameos. Granted, I created all the sounds myself, but my goodness, it sounds like a legit group."

Still Sticky fits under Alan's jazztronica umbrella, but it's funkier and more soulful than its predecessors. Goldsher says, "The organ/vibes frontline makes it sound like it's right out of 1973," Goldsher says, "but the beats are pure here and now."

The album features five original tunes, among them "Ayers It Out," Alan's dedication to jazz/soul vibraphone legend Roy Ayers. "That is one greasy song," Alan smiles. "Straight up grease." With a stick-in-your-head melody and a pounding piano solo, "Ayers It Out" will fit on the radio, in a club, or at a lounge.

Of the four cover songs, Alan's take on the Knack's "My Sharona" is the goofiest. "It's a fast-as-hell drum-and-bass groove, and I still can't figure out how I managed to keep up with the tempo."

Still Sticky comes on the heels of Big Al Bassman Funks Up the Jazz Classics, an album that garnered over 10,000 Spotify streams and a feature in Jazz Times magazine.

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