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“Alan Goldsher seems to know everything there is to know about music history and pop culture, but what he knows best are people. Not only did he help convince me to write a book, and not only did he help me get my book deal, but his sensitivity, kindness, and professionalism helped make the writing and publishing process both enjoyable and fulfilling.”

George Benson - jazz guitarist/vocalist

"Fact: If not for Alan’s collaborating talents, I would not have been able to write my book. We did 15 two-hour Skype sessions that I can say without hesitation were invaluable. Not to mention I can't fathom being able to spend that sort of time with a single family member or long time pal.”

Kevin Pollak - comedian/actor

“Alan Goldsher works incredibly fast and at a high level. He can capture a voice and tells a great story. Don’t hesitate to hire him.”

James Frey - author

“I had a unique big-picture vision for my first book project, which Alan helped crystalize and bring to life. He’s great with the give and take, and he’s proven to be an open-minded, sensitive collaborator. Plus, he’s really punctual.”

Ryan Serhant, Million Dollar Listing New York

“Alan Goldsher is among the most professional, skilled, and knowledgeable authors I’ve had the pleasure to know. He delivers copy that is essentially ready for press, and as a collaborator he has that rare skill of being able to capture another person’s voice perfectly. When Alan’s name is attached to a project I take extra notice because I know it will be a good one.”

Ben Schafer - executive editor, Da Capo Press

"Alan Goldsher can write about anything, whether fiction or nonfiction, and he’s always a game, creative partner who, even when he’s behind the scenes, contributes a great deal towards making every book stand out.”

Peter Joseph, editorial director, Harlequin

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